In accordance with company guidelines aimed at achieving an effective and efficient organisation capable of meeting the requirements of all stakeholders involved, our company has adopted, maintains and continuously seeks to improve its Quality Management System of Work Processes allowing us to:

  • identify and monitor current and future requirements and to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders;
  • identify and monitor possible business risks as well as opportunities for development and improvement;
  • guarantee:
  • constant training for all internal and external collaborators, depending on their specific roles;
  • wider and more frequent involvement of all internal and external collaborators as a fundamental prerequisite for continuously improving the organisation and the service;
  • daily research to perfect the management tool adopted in order to achieve this involvement effectively and to contribute to improving the product and service requested;
  • that, as part of these activities, as well as in any work period, ideas and improvement proposals are encouraged;
  • the pursuit of “Quality is doing things correctly from the very first time” even if it involves an initial greater commitment, as this ultimately leads to a reduction in corrections over time, monitoring of rejects, quantification of costs of lack of quality.
  • that the director, based upon the requirements of the customer and those of the market, can define annually a company Improvement Plan also with a view to reducing environmental impacts, specifying the business and individual objectives which each Manager, based upon what is indicated and insofar as his/her remit extends, develops and completes.

Management also considers it fundamental to ensure:

  • attention to developing and involving personnel, for the broad use of their current and potential abilities;
  • that business decisions are made on the basis of a precise analysis of reliable data and from continuous monitoring of the analysis of the business context as well as any business risks and/or opportunities;
  • flexibility in relation to the requirements of customers and stakeholders;
  • precise and prompt technical support with regard to industry innovations and the latest innovative application technologies;
  • continuous research and constant selection allowing us to offer the utmost safety in choice, thanks to high quality standards, range variety and product reliability;
  • constant attention and prevention with regard to health protection and prevention of occupational diseases as well as in relation to the safety of workers and collaborators;
  • protection of the environment and prevention of pollution;
  • commitment to respect the legislation and applicable requirements, along with the demands of customers;
  • attention to preventing emergency situations and prompt responses to the same, through emergency management simulations;
  • awareness that reducing waste and continuously improving the processes and raw materials is essential for us to remain competitive;
  • establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  • involvement of third party suppliers for protection of the environment and respect of occupational health and safety.

The Greppi Labour Consulting leadership has been strengthened over the years thanks to continuous investments, professional commitment and correct and reliable management of commercial relationships.



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