We are a team of young professionals and we see our work as a real mission. We started our careers in multinationals and professional firms at a time when the calculator was the only tool we had available to support us in our work. We were among the first to use the new instruments that technology made available at the end of the 80s and that revolutionised the world of work. Within a short time we became a leader in Italy, highly respected by traditional clients, industrial groups of all sizes, multinational companies and trade associations that continue to use our services.

We have always placed training and technological upgrading at the heart of our operating philosophy without overlooking the customization of the service offered and the value and importance of human relationships. Our employment consultancy service is supported by a professional team of accountants/tax experts and specialists in employment law to offer a complete service, also bearing in mind the overlapping and convergence of the respective fields of expertise.

We have a range of functions and activities at our operating base to optimally meet our clients’ needs and from there we travel to their offices scattered throughout Italy.

“In the era of standardization, we have acquired tools and skills for customizing reports for our clients. If there is a way to improve, simplify and/or make the work of your HR or administration activities easier we’ll find it with you.”

Rodolfo Greppi

“I have been running the firm’s historical office in Monza since the 1980s, managing, among other things, relations with the Court.”

Silvia Greppi

“I love working in the field and alongside the companies. We will get to know you and build a winning team both for the run-of-the-mill activities and in the case of extraordinary events.”

Davide Greppi

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